Monday, March 24, 2008

It's Gone Baby Gone

Wow. I have to admit that hearing that Ben Affleck was going to direct was a bit like hearing that Arnold Schwarzenegger was going to run for governor. You think it will kind of be a bit silly, but it turns out not too bad. In fact, it was better than that. It was damn good movie. A few plot holes at the core, but nowhere near like when your mom told you that the 3rd grade drawing you did made you artist. Definitely recommend the rental...especially if you have an AppleTV.

That's right, the Devil likes Apple. What did you expect?

UPDATE: I was watching and I felt like I had seen something with a similar tone and subject. It was Mystic River. It is by the same author.
Regardless, it's still a good flick. Maybe Ben wanted to repeat history...