Monday, September 01, 2008

Arianna Spars With Tucker Carlson Over The Media, Olbermann, Bill O'Reilly, The Right/Left Prism

I don't think Tucker Carlson thinks he's objective. His first statements about being phony attest to that. I think he was actually echoing the point that Jon Stewart made to Tucker & Paul Begala on Crossfire in 2004 ( ).

I do think that both Arianna and Tucker made good points. I am often furious when the moderator of a show is blatantly biased. I think Bill O'Reilly is a perfect example and Olbermann is another. They both claim to be passionate, but both are mistaken as "news" instead of "op-ed" shows. I think the issue they were dancing around is who stays neutral and at what point do you call someone on their "opinion."

I think there are situations like Campbell Brown smacking Tucker Bounds upside the head tonight that speak more to what both Tucker and Arianna were advocating. He was full of it, and she called him on it. Now if someone from the left comes on her show and starts being disingenuous, she should/would nail them, too.

I also think Arianna nailed the Sarah Palin issue and why it is important. Governor Palin is a female Pat Buchanan (which is an opinion that can be validated with Palin's statements). Her public agenda should be made known to the people. Her scandals (not her daughter's) should shed light on who she is and McCain's judgment.
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