Thursday, February 05, 2009

Lost answers are finally here - The Little Prince

Cool episode of LOST tonight, but not earth-shattering. I think we've reached the point in the story, where we can put a lot of the pieces together. It wasn't predictable before the episode started, but you could feel where the episode was heading.

Daniel named the rat, Eloise, after his mom, Eloise Hawking. He recognizes Ellie from the others as "familiar." Safe bet that Ellie is Daniel's Mom, which is how she knows so much about the future.

Miles and Charlotte have likely spent time on the island BEFORE the freighter arrives. Lends credence to the fan theories that Charlotte and Miles are descendants of the Dharma project.

Not much for Sayid and Jack to do, except be pawns for Ben. After 3(?) seasons of Ben, we know he's the mastermind. Kate's being manipulated into her natural behavior of running from trouble. Who could be responsible? Of course, it's Ben. It was like a fake field goal when you're down by 4 on the 45 yard line. Everyone knows the fake-out is coming. But, it was logical and fit the characters, so I won't complain too much.

I wish Sawyer and Juliet would get it over with already. Juliet always goes for the guy in love with someone else. I hope that nosebleed isn't a bad sign for her character. She's not being given a lot to do character-wise. Seems like she's just being used as a plot device to help with exposition. My hope is that she and Sawyer are the last one's left, and they have a son named "Jacob". Juliet figures out how to beat the fatal pregnancy (because she's a fertility specialist). Since she's jumping around in time), her son Jacob ends up really special. And has four toes. And knows who should be on the list.

What I will complain about is Sun. She's either after Ben or Jack. I may be slow, because Sun's motivations seem a bite off. If she's going after Ben, how did she know he was alive? I know, Widmore told her. But she approached him looking for a deal, so she would have needed to know before she approached him. If she's after Jack, well, that's just silly. She's already acknowledged everyone would have been dead if the helicopter hadn't taken off. And why bring Aaron on a hit??

Finally, there's Danielle Rousseau and...Montaund (sp?)!!! As soon as I heard the French, of course you know it's Rousseau and her crew. I was actually hoping that Alex might with them, and a teenager. For no real reason, I think it would be cool if she were Richard Alpert's son. And by son, I mean daughter. Anyway, even though you knew the reveal would be Danielle, I am hoping to see the back story soon. Why doesn't she recognize Jin?? Well, cuz she went nuts.

I hope the writers keep up the good work, but still throw some curves. Nothing absurd. But something so that the end of the story lives up to the build up.

Anyone that needs references, please check out Lostpedia.