Monday, May 18, 2009

R.I.P. Terminator: TSCC

The Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (TSCC) was canceled today.

This show was excellent. One of the best shows I have seen, especially of the Sci Fi genre. I think the nuance of the storytelling threw me (and many), but like any intricate work of art, it gets better on closer inspection.

I am disappointed, but not disheartened. Too many shows actually stay on the air too long. The finale served the series’ story almost too well. It wrapped everything up in a way that leaves me wondering, but not confused. With the “family” split, and no Cameron, I do not think it could be the same show. There is a tendency to push TV shows past the point of good storytelling, and I am glad this one ended gracefully.

Lena - I was really impressed by how well she developed the character over the two seasons. I hope someone realizes how good of an actor she is.
Summer - Always amazing. As the saying goes, I’d watch her read the phonebook.
Brian - Added a very cool edge to the show.
Dekker - I enjoyed watching John Baum become John Connor. I don’t think I realized what was going on, until it was explained in an episode, and I wish I had gotten to see more of Dekker as John Connor. But still an A+ performance.

Thank you for an excellent show!


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