Thursday, September 04, 2008

Dear Senator McCain:

Senator McCain,

I have to thank you for your service. You and Mrs. McCain have done more good than harm in this world. It's a shame your party didn't honor Senator Kerry's service as well 4 years ago.

I regret the crude interruptions you had to endure during your acceptance. I know it will be blamed on the Left, but I think most Americans think it lacked class. Maybe someone should have vetted the audience…

We know who you are. You've spent 3 nights telling us what you've done. I get that you have fought and suffered and labored for my freedom. You have great courage and dedication, but I don't think I want go where you want to lead.

The contrast with last night is stunning. You're trying to adapt, but I don't trust it. You were about experience and war last season, and now you're about "change." You want to reform? Reform against whom? The party that has ruined the last eight years? The party that forced you to pick a right-wing VP? You showed bad judgment by picking Governor Palin to be a heartbeat away, and too much is at stake. Your policies have been consistent with the Republican platitudes that have put your country in this domestic and foreign quagmire. You say "Maverick," but lobbyists and the base of your party has been pulling your strings for years.

Unfortunately for your campaign, I think there is a movement in this country that you can't stop. It's called progress. If it were 2000, things might be different. But eight long hard years have gone by and I've had enough.

You are a hero, sir, but I don't want you as my President.