Thursday, September 04, 2008

The GOP Way

The Republican Party showed America their way this week. It's on video, and in their own words. And my hope is that this year, they have buried themselves.

They say global warming is liberal propaganda. Governor Palin doesn't believe it's a man-made phenomena. However, a 19 sq. mile ice sheet broke off in Canada today: .

Their administration has run the country so well. (Heckofa job, Bushie.) Meanwhile, both he and Cheney are persona non-grata at their own Party. Three (or four) hurricanes are in US vacinity and the GOP was scared that people would remember the disgraceful handling of Hurricane Katrina. (Scientists also think hurricanes may be more frequent and violent due to global warming). Some prayed for floods in Denver during Obama's speech, and look what they got. You saw a video with Republican governors helping Republicans one day, and a homogenous cynical party the next day.

Some, not all, believe in legislating values. Anything from the flag to sex to marriage to education to life & death to religion to language is fair game. Anything but guns. How is all that legislation and enforcement smaller government? How is that live and let live? It certainly wouldn't be fiscally conservative to enforce it. There is both statistical and timely ancedotal evidence that their policies don't make sense and don't work.

Conservatives slammed the Obamas for exploring his roots, questioned his patriotism, and his faith. The Palins belonged to the Alaskan Independence Party (a party that wants Alaska to secede) and attended a church that threatened voters with damnation if they voted differently.

So the question I have, is why do they think there is only one way?
One way to worship.
One way to marry.
One way to educate.
One way to live.
One way to raise children.
One way to serve.
That is the epitomy of arrogance and elitism. They want it to be that one way. Their way.

But we know it's not that way, and we do not want it that way. The world isn't that way. The country isn't that way. For most of us, our neighborhoods aren't even that way.

We respect diversity and it makes us a stronger people for doing so. If that isn't the closest thing we have to an American way, I don't know what is.