Thursday, October 09, 2008

Campbell Brown Blasts McCain Campaign For "Race Baiting"

On it's face, the "that one" comment is just disrespectful. I don't think McCain is a racist anymore than I think Sarah Palin is a racist.

However, when put it in context with some other things:

1. McCain's use of the G-word to describe Asians

2. Some of the crowd-turned-to-mob scenes of the last few days (

3. Surrogates using Obama's middle name

4. McCain's opposition to Martin Luther King Jr. day

5. McCain's support of the Confederate Flag in South Carolina

6. Palin quoting an anti-Semite

It paints a pretty damning picture. If the guy is not racist, he certainly is either out of touch with racial norms (like Archie Bunker) or he is willing to play the race card to win. Either way, it's conduct unbecoming of someone vying for the highest office.
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