Friday, October 17, 2008

F... Joe the Plumber

This is what drives me nuts about Republicans. The rich guy that owns a yacht and has a net income of $700K...I'm fine with him being a Repub. But this guy...Joe the Plumber...lies and misrepresents the facts to make his point. And it's a stupid point.

Joe the Plumber has:
1. a lien for unpaid personal taxes
2. not a real plumber since he's not licensed (#1 + #2 means lawbreaker, in my book)
3. doesn't make near $250K (I read $40K is more accurate)
4. doesn't own a business and couldn't afford to buy his boss's business
5. most importantly, Obama's tax plan would save him money!!!

Even under a hypothetical situation where all his bullshit is true (in his own mind), he'd have to pay $773 more per year in taxes. $773/year!! That's not enough to kill any job unless you're paying in Zimbabwe dollars!

The ends always justifies the means with these guys. He'd rather see a Republican win that costs him more money, than to see a Democrat win. So he's a liar and arguably, a law-breaker, who's willing to mislead the people. Maybe he should have been the Vice-Presidential pick. At the risk of repeating others, at least this douchebag has got the balls to give a press conference.